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Plain and simple, we get businesses off the ground.   Covenant provides three core services.  Agile Mentoring to develop your business.  Agile Leadership to better define your business and Agile Training to deliver successful change.  We help those who have a great idea, turn it into a successful business and those who already have a business to develop better ideas, products, services and business growth opportunities.

our services…

Agile Business Mentoring
Agile Business Leadership
Optimize for Value
Agile Business Training

Agile Business Mentor

Agile Mentor serves those starting out in business, those needing to grow and those needing a long term strategy.  Whether looking for financial investment or needing a clear plan to launch and or sustain your business venture, Agile Mentor services provides the tools for all stages of your business growth.


Agile Mentor Start-Up

Who buys Agile Mentor Start-Up?

  • You have been self-employed or a sole trader and want to take your skill, qualification or trade and make it a business.
  • You have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into a successful business
  • You know how to make money but don’t know how to start a business
  • You have a hobby that you think could be a business

Agile Mentor Growth Builder

Who Buys Agile Mentor Growth Builder?

  • You have a business and want to expand and produce more products
  • You are expanding and need to establish locations and recruit staff
  • You have client base but no realistic sales pipeline and customer relationship approach
  • You want to explore new markets but need expertise to assess the viability
  • You have cash flow but need to plan financially for growt and services.

Agile Mentor Elite

Who Buys Agile Mentor Elite?

  • Your a successful medium sized business and your plateauing
  • You had successful products but now yoour market share is waning.  Your being caught and your not sure of your next move.
  • You organisation is wading through operational churn and you can’t optimize in the ways needed to become an elite business
  • Any ideas of planning for the future are unreachable. Your business is reactive for the wrong reasons.
  • The skill mix, leadership portfolios and strategy of your senior team needs a rework

Agile Mentor Support

Agile Mentor Support is a phone and webex business support service that enables you get instant help with your business when you need it.

  • Ever wondered how much you have spent getting advice on the phone from your traditional business mentor?
  • Don’t have time to arrange a face to face meeting and think it will cost you time and money you don’t have?
  • Need a quick answer to deal with an emerging issue and simply need another ear to help you decide what to do?
  • Need to know that someone understands your business and can speak to it quickly and comprehensively to help you move?

Agile Mentor Support deals directly with those issues.  Offering set support hours per month, every month just like an IT help-desk, but for business. You don’t even need to be an existing client.

Business Development

Many consultancies drive at the point in your business that will cause the least upheaval.  That works well by talking to executive board members for a while.  They aim at placing emphasis on a high-level strategy that takes even more money to deliver and stitches you into a lengthy contract.   How many of your executive board actually have a grasp on the reality of the engines of activity beneath them and have the time to examine them?

Consult Covenant does that for you and works through your entire organisation proposing a truly consultative approach.   By that we mean earmarking key objectives, establishing deliverables, critical success factors, expected outcomes, milestones and structured planning and costing to enable your organisation to maximise its time working with us.  We don’t linger.  We are focused and target driven.

Commercial Forecasting
Commercial opportunities rarely present themselves without effort.  If you need to set expectations to your board, finance director, bank manager or you are all those three roles in one, then setting a forecast for the opportunities is key.  Covenant will help scope the opportunities, scrape off the excess thats not worth the effort, streamline the process and activities.  Its not easy.  Objective decisions to target your sales is the hardest process in business.  Are you creating blue oceans of value innovation or are you simply chasing and competing in red oceans with your rivals?  You need a plan to deal with both to stay ahead and to grow your business.

Developing a Proposal

Some small businesses are highly innovative and need to create proposals to win clients.  These clients want to invest with you but need the whole project shaping to make the best opportunity.  If you not drafted a formal proposal or have had proposals rejected, where do you start, what do you do?

Covenant have a successful formula for this part of business development and will mentor you through the process.  Each element of the proposal should speak to the steady building of a relationship.  Successful proposals are built on understanding the customer’s needs, describing the intentions, scope and deliverables, pricing, and the expected return on their investment.  With those in place you can show what success looks like and have also neatly built the confidence that you know what you are doing. The offer is clear, the value is clear and the return looks pleasing too.

Sales Process & Development
If your a small business its easy to simply get out there and chase the business.  Your competitors are also doing that.  The areas you could exploit are also untapped and your busy figuring out how to do something new there too.  At this point you can lose focus or become burdened by the competing priorities.  Your sales process needs refining.  What if you have never really done that.  Covenant are experienced in shaping your sales process, ensuring you devote the right time and effort to the best value opportunities.

Service & Product Development
Probably the least invested part of a business is the planning and execution required to develop new or existing products and services.  Businesses simply don’t devote enough time to creating more than one product.  Price, newness and availability are not the only reasons customers buy products and services.  Creating value whilst innovating is key and your business will need to invest time in this.  If you don’t, eventually another supplier will beat you to it.  If you only have one product or service offering what will you do when a competitor muscles in on your client base.  Defining strong and sustainable products and services is a core element of Covenants offering for small businesses.



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